Product/Email UPDATE 08-24-2021 Chillhawaiian,Source for a variety of different untreated plants and seeds and clothing dye materials.
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Mimosa Hostilis
July 2022 Update.

We have added the following products Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds and San Pedro Outer Green Flesh Powder Incense, Dried Chacruna Leaves, Dried Chaliponga Leaves
to our catalog
Please contact
Can also be reached at
Plenty of Mimosa Hostilis and Acacia Confusa Textile Dyes currently instock and ready to ship
if you would like to place an order, thank you.

Ready for shipping direct from our USA warehouse so no long international delays!
for any future orders. Please email after you place the order so we can ensure that it gets sent asap.

Also always remember to email your full name and address after you pay to the above email.
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